Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is it a scam?

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Starter Membership GET FREE ACCOUNT
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank:  98 out of 100

How long has it been running? Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005 and has over 20,000 members.

What the heck is it?

  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the leading internet marketing networks for people who want to start and run a successful business online.
  • It is an online interactive educational internet marketing course. It basically teaches  a person who has zero knowledge on internet marketing on how to be a successful affiliate marketer by turning your passions into a successful niche site.
  • For a free starter account for anyone who decide to try it for free, there are 10 training modules. But if you decide to upgrade to the next level to access 30 more modules AND more advanced training, tools, websites and support, you can upgrade for just $19.

What it’s NOT:

  • Not a get rich quick scheme – it takes time, effort and patience to build your business.
  • Not a network marketing business model – you do not need to recruit others to make money.
  • Not a scam – it’s a genuine training platform. You can try it for FREE to see whether the training is for you.

How does it WORK?

It works on 4 simple steps:

  • Choose your hobbies, interest or passion (Niche)
  • Build a website (using WordPress platform) & create quality content
  • Attract visitors (using their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and other tools)
  • Earn income through affiliate marketing

There are tons of training, modules mostly via video lessons and classrooms with full support from the community to assist you. The community support is via live chat, private messages, forums and webinars. You can get one on one support from the co- owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson once you upgrade to  premium membership.
Who it’s FOR

  • Newbies to the internet marketing
  • People who have struggled to make money online
  • Unemployed seeking to earn money
  • Students, retirees, stay at home moms (or dads) who want to get side income
  • Bloggers who wants to learn how to monetise their blog
  • Basically it is for ANYONE who seeks to earn money online

Tools & Training

  • Tons of free training and resources for newbies
  • Easy to follow training videos and text tutorials
  • Keyword research tool
  • WordPress platform website builder with free hosting at their sites
  • Content creator with guides on how to create quality content
  • SEO and traffic generating techniques showing you exactly how to get targeted traffic to your site.


  • Newbie friendly
  • Free to start, no credit card required
  • No annoying hidden upsells
  • Affordable price for Premium Membership ($19 first month, $47 after that)
  • No obligation to sell the program to others
  • Free tools and software such as  keyword research, link tracker, and web builder.
  • Very easy to follow in-depth video tutorials and lessons


  • A lot of time investment needed to complete the courses especially when viewing the videos.
  • Free starter account is great for newbies but not to people who already has experience in online marketing. They’ll would need to upgrade to see the benefits.
  • No money-back guarantee for the premier account.
  • For newbies, it can get very overwhelming as there is so much information going on for them to grasp.


  • Live chat, classrooms, interaction with other members
  • Private messaging system with other members
  • Personal 1 on 1 support with the owners when you upgrade to premium


Wealthy Affiliate has two types of membership prices:

  • The Starter Account is completely free – $0 (You can join FREE)
  • The Premium Account – $19 for the first month, then either $47 per month (if you want to pay on month to month) or $359 per year which is the discounted rate if you pay for the whole year at once.

My Recommendations

Based on my full review, I can safely say that Wealthy Affiliate is 100% LEGIT and NOT A SCAM. There’s nothing to lose by just checking it out for yourself since it is free to start anyway and there’s no obligation to upgrade. It’s fairly straightforward with no hidden costs- no matter what happens in the end, you’ll have learned a lot about online marketing especially if you’re a new online marketer who’s not sure how to get started in the making money online industry, Wealthy Affiliate would a great place to start off.  You can start off HERE



How to Make Money Online for Beginners

Before you start to venture into the world of online business, it is important to learn and understand the process of earning money online.

The point is anyone can create a successful online business as long as they are committed to do so. Read on to understand the basic guides on making money online process..

Process of making money online

There are thousands of ways to earn money online. But BEWARE there are countless get-rich quick make money schemes at the internet which you may be tempted to join especially if you suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”. However, the good news is that there are certainly legit ways to make money online.

To earn money online is actually simple and straightforward. But before you focused on the MONEY part, you need to have a foundation to build around your online business and this is having your very own WEBSITE!

Before I go through the basic guidelines, CLICK ON THIS VIDEO to understand the process of earning money online.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

As a beginner who has zero knowledge on all this internet business, you may be asking, “I have no experience in blogging, what shall I write about in my website?” or “What will my website be about?” Initially, you may likely be stuck in selecting a topic in your website.

To build a solid website, you need to build helpful and engaging content for your visitors who will be your “audience” in keeping your website alive.

And to achieve this, you need to choose a NICHE. Niche is a segment of your “audience” on which a particular product is targeted.  Pick a niche that you are passionate about.  This way, you would have a connection with your audience on the niche that excite you.

To carve out a specific niche to focus on for your website, consider the following points :

  • What are your interests?
  • What are your passions?
  • What topics do you mostly talk about with your friends, family, colleagues?
  • If you could learn something new that intrigue you, what would it be about?
  • What are the questions that you frequently ask to seek help?

For example, if you are into cofffe

Step 1: hoose an Interest

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic)

Step 4: Earn $$$ from your traffic









What is Affiliate Marketing?

One of the easiest way to make money online would be by way of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is basically the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

For example: You find a product that you are passionate about or interested in for e.g.  brewing coffee using coffee makers, you promote recommended coffee makers in Amazon.com to others who then purchased it from your promotion, and you earn commisisons for each promotion that you make.

It is not strictly related to products, it can also be in the form of services and affiliate marketers make their money by promoting these products and services on their website or blog.

The results are:

  • You earn a commission
  • The company (Amazon.com) is happy because they have a new sale from a customer from your direct promotion at your website/blog
  • And the customer is happy because they learned about a product from your promotion

The more audience you drive to your website, the more income you potentially could earn. An effective way to increase traffic to your website is through the search engines. And to achieve this, you need to get your website ranked on the first page of Google for your targeted keyword namely the product that you are promoting for example recommended coffee maker.

Here are a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Choose topics and/or products that you know and love. Reason is you can write quality content in your blog or website regarding that product.
  2. Build a website. You can create one for FREE HERE
  3. Get rankings & visitors (build traffic to your site) using social networking sites Such as Google, FaceBook, Yahoo! Bing! to help promote your site.
  4. Earn revenue from the sales.

Advantage of Affiliate Marketing

You do not have to invest your time and effort to create a product or the services to sell. You just need to talk about it. Give a review and recommendations on the product or services that you are passionate about. Simple as that!

Training for Affiliate Marketing

Of course the above is not as straightforward as you think. You need some guidelines and training as well as support to learn Affiliate Marketing. And for me the best learning platform would be Wealthy Affiliate and you can start learning it for free HERE. The awesome thing about this platform is that you can get Your 2 FREE Websites with Hosting and easy to follow along Step-by-Step lessons at no cost to you.